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Forte Digital Logic is one of the leading Social Media Marketing agency providing complete range of ‘digital services’ under one roof. We are experienced digital marketers, fully capable of giving you digital marketing plan at regional, national and international levels. Therefore our Social Media Marketing strategy is business focused, objective and sales oriented.

Social Media Marketing Online Business Concept
Social Media Marketing Online Business Concept

The way of doing business is changing robustly. In traditional way the chain of product information travels from manufacturer to whole sellers. And then pass on to consumer market and end users.

The social media marketing business has totally changed that pattern of one sided flow of information. Now it is multidimensional, simply information. And product flow can be managed from business to business (B2B), business to customers (B2C) and so on customer to customer (C2C).

We build your ‘BUSINESS’ not your Website only:

This is basically the proper usage of modern digital techniques keeping in view the particular demand of consumer market. We can certainly  plan, initiate and execute campaign through powerful media tools like Google Ad words, Search Engine Optimization, Face book/InstaGram/ Twitter advertising, Email Marketing and App-store Optimization. Furthermore our main social media services can be captioned under the following heads.

  • Social Media Audits of your current social pages
  • Business and Marketing analysis of your business
  • Targeted Audience Segmentation for different Social Media Platforms
  • Key word research for your business products and services
  • Social Media Strategy development for given Sales Target
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Analysis
  • Monthly Reports
  • Sns Marketing

Game Changer Business plan to Boost Your Sales:

The one successful Social Media Campaign can altogether change your business. It doesn’t matter what kind of your business is—whether it is product or service oriented. Your business is located at any part of Country. It is small, medium or large scale business. This is not only development of your business, it is also important for your digital presence. Indeed we are here to provide you Social Media Business plan based upon your Sales targets. Our all efforts focus on to help you achieve your short term and long term Sales targets.

Your customers will come to you rather you go to your customers:

Social Media has significantly changed the concept and practice of Customer Services. Through our efforts your business brand and product name, image, style, price will be available on customers cell phones screens. Now the physical presence of your business does not matter. So it is the Virtual presence of your brand, product or services on Social Media’ that pull your customers.

We can do our best for you in short time:

As we are the best team for running Social Media Marketing campaign. Therefore we can reach to your customers in shorter time span by using powerful tools. By creating, designing and placing Content are part of our services such as:

  • PR Marketing/Social Media Influencer Marketing (Bloggers & Influencers)
  • Facebook/Instagram Business Page development and handling it to increase Page Followers.
  • Best corporate Twitter Account Set up.
  • YOUTUBE Account set up and uploading and managing the best Videos for ‘Video Marketing’
  • LINKEDIN account set up for sending your brand message to educated professional people for ‘Influence Marketing’.

Moreover our social media marketing strategists work with you to lay out your social media objectives. Which bring focus to your online engagement. We also help you develop a social media strategy that is directly linked to your brand’s overarching goals. And also the seasonal activities of your organization.

Our SMM Work:

  1. LIST University FB
  2. Rajkumar FB & Insta
  3. Optical Mart FB & Insta
  4. Imran Mughal